And just like that iOS 9 is a thing of the past and with it goes the beautiful look of iOS w it’s clear backgrounds and translucent panels. It will be replaced by iOS 10’s more solid panels w rounded corners and I can’t help but to think it’s a step backwards in design. Notifications in particular remind me a lot of the banner notifications that were introduced w iOS 5. This is traded off for much more functionality and especially advances the uses of 3D Touch, finally! Much easier access to widgets and camera, actionable notifications and “raise to wake” make even unlocking your phone a rare occurrence. RIP “Slide to Unlock”. 

One thing I will miss is the seamless method of quick replying to messages from the lockscreen. With iOS 9 you slide a notification over, press reply, type a response and when you hit send the keyboard disappears, your phone locks and the badge is cleared. iOS 10 requires (at least on newer devices) a 3D Touch to expand the conversation. It pops up a window w the whole thread of the message and stays up after sending until you press the home button or pull down to dismiss. The animations are just not as smooth and all the way up to the GM Beta I couldn’t get that pull to dismiss to toggle seamlessly. 
These are admittedly small gripes and Apple is clearly moving things forward w this release which I highly appreciate. But I can’t help to feel that they changed the overall look of the iOS for change’s sake. That’s not progress. It’s marketing.